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15th April 2006

Podcasts and RSS feeds will be bigger than blogs

While we are all in the blog explosion and you can hardly turn aorund without tripping over another blog confernce, podcasts and RSS feeds are ramping up and are ready to leave blogs in the dust.

Podcast advertising, nonexistent until 2004, is expected to be a larger market than blog advertising by 2010, according to Blog, Podcast and RSS Advertising Outlook, the first of five installments in PQ Media’s Alternative Media Research series

“Blog advertising accounted for 81.4%, or $16.6 million, of total 2005 spending on blog, podcast and RSS advertising, collectively known as user-generated online media. But the blog segment will comprise only 39.7%, or $300.4 million, of overall expenditures in 2010. Podcast advertising, meanwhile, reached $3.1 million in 2005, and is projected to grow at a compound annual rate of 154.4% to $327.0 million in 2010, when it will be a larger market than blog advertising. RSS advertising, non-existent until mid-2005, generated $650,000 in 2005.”

Take a step backwards and let’s look at what this means to companies and marketers –

Ad dollars go where the audience is – that’s a given. And the growth of the audience for RSS feeds and podcasting is rapid. Online newsletters like Lockergnome and the AARP (two vastly differing audiences) report month over month speaks in their RSS subscriptions. Mainstream media like the BBC and USA Today tell the same story.

The demand for podcasts is growing every day. And the area of highest demand and lowest availablility is news and business podcasts. so if you are interested in making money with your content, RSS feeds and podcasts is the place to be. If you’re just concerned about the shift in media consumption and where your audience will be in the future, you need to RSS enable your content and start podcasting.

Dave Winer, made a classic comment in his blog this week – You should have RSS on your content because it’s equivalent to answering your phone. it may be a customer.

Robert Scoble’s comment that if you have a marketing website and you don’t RSS enable your content you should be fired gets truer every day.

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