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18th March 2006

PRESSfeed exposed at Search Engine Strategies, San Jose

We are working on several upgrades of the PRESSfeed service and we decided today that we will be done by the end of July. So we intend to exhibit for the first time at SES San Jose. Scary – but exciting. PRESSfeed joins the big boys. WOW! A year ago we were just starting out on this adventure.

Our new site will be revealed at Media Relations 2006 in NYC April 10th. Our first outing was at this conference just a year ago. It has been quite a year.

With the release of IE 7 looming the expectation is that the term RSS will fade into the background (as it should) and people will just use web feeds or live bookmarks or whatever it ends up being called. As they do with email. End users don’t pay attention to the underlying technology of SMTP.

And companies are seeing that this is the year to get ready for the full scale adoption of RSS marketing. Watch for us at SES San Jose.

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