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29th March 2006

Hosted enterprise RSS on its way

Any day now …..

Joel told me today that the hosted version of PRESSfeed is about done and should be ready to roll in about two more weeks

Watch this space.

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29th March 2006

RSS Newsreader tech advances

The splash about the advances from Feed Demon and NewsGator show just how much the demand for RSS newsreaders is on the rise.

While growth in the use of the Internet has come off its sizzling pace, people are becoming more dependent on cyberspace for work and leisure. Source: Ipsos Insight’s annual “Face of the Web” study.

“Whether it is checking RSS (news) feeds, blogging or picking up a podcast or yesterday’s sitcom, consumers continue to expand and apply new depth of Internet use that we haven’t seen before.”

If you want your content in those feedreaders, The Business Case for RSS and our RSS tutorial will give you all you need to know about using RSS feeds for marketing and promotional purposes

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18th March 2006

PRESSfeed exposed at Search Engine Strategies, San Jose

We are working on several upgrades of the PRESSfeed service and we decided today that we will be done by the end of July. So we intend to exhibit for the first time at SES San Jose. Scary – but exciting. PRESSfeed joins the big boys. WOW! A year ago we were just starting out on this adventure.

Our new site will be revealed at Media Relations 2006 in NYC April 10th. Our first outing was at this conference just a year ago. It has been quite a year.

With the release of IE 7 looming the expectation is that the term RSS will fade into the background (as it should) and people will just use web feeds or live bookmarks or whatever it ends up being called. As they do with email. End users don’t pay attention to the underlying technology of SMTP.

And companies are seeing that this is the year to get ready for the full scale adoption of RSS marketing. Watch for us at SES San Jose.

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16th March 2006

RSs looking good to Marketers as email open rates fall

ExactTarget’s study on email marketing might make marketers take a harder look at RSS as a reliable delivery vehicle for their content.

The study reported that open rates have dropped to 35.5 percent in the fourth quarter of last year, from 42.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2004.

The report was based on data from more than 2.7 billion e-mails sent by more than 4,000 organizations last year. Spam is one reason offered. Another is the difficulty in measuring the email results, if the HTML images are being blocked.

RSS on the other hand is already a guaranteed delivery system – no Goodmail charges – and most sites are reporting rocketing traffic from their feeds.

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8th March 2006

RSS feeds – poised to hit mainstream this year

I had two interesting calls this week that illustrate the opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of how enterprises view RSS feeds.

The first was from a large travel company that specializes in cruises. Their online marketing exec told me that she fully expects RSS to become completely mainstream by the end of this year with the release of IE 7. Although they are known to be fairly conservative in their marketing, this time she’s determined to be an industry leader. They have used one free RSS Feed for the past six months. Now they are going full steam ahead and gearing up to run several feeds on the paid service, so that their travel agents and customers can access the content they want, when they want it.

On the other hand, a client that has had the full service for six months, but has not really been utilizing it much, has decided that until they get their online PR and marketing strategy sorted out they will suspend the feeds. While this premise has value – you do need to know where you are going in order to get there – it seems to me to be to headed backwards. Looking at the fast pace of RSS feed adoption, it would make much more sense to do the strategy right away and then kick their RSS content delivery into high gear.

There are just too many examples of publishers and companies reporting declining numbers on their email lists and fast growing subscriptions to their RSS Feeds.

Now is the time to implement that Boy Scout motto – Be Prepared!

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