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21st February 2006

Create and Publish RSS feeds

Is email marketing really dead? Will AOL and Yahoo go thorugh with their plans to charge for emai delivery?

The jury is not in on this one yet, but these predictions have been out there for at least a year. Unleash the Power of RSS Marketing is just one example.

Advice from the RSS Diary:

Getting a strong RSS marketing program in action is now becoming more important than ever. Just as all of us predicted, those that have been in the game longer now certainly have an upper hand.

Create and publish your content in an RSS feed. It will pay dividends.

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21st February 2006

Primer on Advertising in RSS feeds

Bill Flitter of Pheedo has released an excellent series on how to advertise in RSS feeds.

RSS is the new email newsletter, says Bill

RSS is poised to become an important content delivery mechanism in mainstream media. It will soon represent a permanent and fundamental change in the way information will be shared, viewed and acted upon online.

The panel on RSS advertising at the New Communication Forum will be the place to learn how to make the most of ads in feeds.

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7th February 2006

Email postage turns up the volume on RSS marketing

Anne Holland of Marketing Sherpa says she is known for badmouthing RSS as a marketing tool. But now that both AOL and Yahoo have announced they’ll be charging email senders $2.5-$10 per thousand emails sent to guarantee delivery, she says RSS is looking mighty fine to her.

Much as the studies show RSS is still in the very early phases of the adoption curve, this new development may just kick it into high gear. When marketers see how the bill for emails will rack up they will be looking for a cost effective, guranteed delivery alternative to email. RSS sure fits the bill.

Every website that is running PRESSfeed is gaining readers and traffic. RSS marketing is viable and will only become more so when email postage becomes a reality

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4th February 2006

RSS hot for IT News

According to the CodeProject poll in their newsletter

When asked where do you get your IT news, online news sites topped the list at 73%, email newsletters were second at 35% and RSS feeds were close behind at 30%. Blogs came in fourth at 25%

Since this was a multiple answer poll, these figures do not add up to 100% – and they show that people get their IT news in more than one place.

If you are marketing an IT product it’s time to take another look at your marketing plan. If online news releases and RSS feeds are not a big part of your strategy, think again!

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