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18th November 2005

The Business Case for RSS

Yesterday Marketing Profs held an online RSS Seminar presented by Rok Hrastnik , author of Unleash the Marketing Power of RSS, Marketing Studies and the RSS Diary.

For 90 minutes we downloaded the best ideas on what to do with RSS in an enterprise setting.

Whew! That was some download!

The fact that there are so many applications that allow you to set up an RSS feed in a few minutes makes RSS look deceptively simple.

Sure anyone can slap up a feed. But is it the right feed? Are you delivering the right content? How wil poeple findit? What other content could you deliver? Could you customize this content and allow your visitors to choose what content they receive?

I was in the room with five other people – most of whom have a fairly good idea of what RSS is. They were pretty much blown away by the scope of what can be done when you implement a complete and well thought out RSS strategy.

There is a lot of work to be done to really get ROI from an enterprise RSS feed strategy, but it’s certainly well worth the effort.

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18th November 2005

My Yahoo giving impetus to enterprise RSS use

Internet marketers are saying It’s Vegas baby! but for a very different reason. The best minds in the industry are talking about how to take the gamble and risk out of your online marketing and branding – WebMasterWorld is on.

Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo! spoke on the panel about RSS and commented on why it’s a sure bet.

“You should take the RSS story to heart,” he said. “All organizations should pay attention to this because you could think of RSS feeds as a text broadcast of the site’s content. ”

Greg Jarboe was also on this panel and used Bill French of Myst Technology’s classic remark about where the powe r of RSS really lies:

Don’t just create a feed – create one consumers can’t live without

RSS is a great content delivery vehicle – but it is all about the content. And it’s the best way for businesses to get their message out there. Readers love it and marketers should love it too.

Enterprise use of RSS is definitely an online strategy I’d put my money on.

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