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24th September 2005

RSS adoption curve getting steeper

New research from Nielse/Net Ratings says that RSS aficionados use news sites roughly three times as often as the average web user.

Not only do RSS users visit more news Web sites than non-users, they also visit those sites more frequently, says the report. RSS users visited the top 20 news Web sites nearly three times as often as non-users and all other news Web sites four times as often . This means that sites outside of the top 20 properties may be among the greatest beneficiaries of RSS.

Another surprising fact to emerge from this study is that RSS users are older than the typical early-adopter. But the most interesting figure for me was that 83 percent of respondents were unaware that they were using RSS technology.

And as RSS gets baked into more and more applications this trend can only grow. The original studies that said only 5% of Web ussrs are using RSS are a red herring.

If you want long-time Net savvy users, who spend more time online and are early adopters with a high income to come to your website, RSS enable your web content.

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