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29th August 2005

RSS survey shows Journalists and PR people must come to grips with feeds

Nooked, the RSS search engine and directory of corporate RSS feeds, published the results of their surveys this week, reports WebProNews.

Findings show that journalists and analysts are demanding RSS feeds.

RSS adoption is on the rise amongst key influencers and early adopters who have moved beyond the “RSS for beginners” stage and now demand information be delivered to them through a clean channel, in a specified location with specialist content.

RSS must become part of the communication arsenal for PR and marketing professionals.

RSS is a new technology and is not a replacement for email, instant messaging or phone communications but a way to enhance and complement existing communications activity while achieving 100% deliverability of demanded messages.

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10th August 2005

Google News Incorporates RSS

The shift to online news will be just that much easier now that Google News has RSS built into each page.

Starting this morning, users who visit any English language Google News page will see RSS | Atom links. John Battelle’s Search Blog

When a user has a feed reader installed, clicking on either of these links will generate a feed of current stories related to the page they’re looking at. In addition, many feed readers can also “auto-detect” the feed and import it into the reader automatically.

Google News feeds are similar to Google Alerts whereby readers receive headlines and teasers with a link to click through directly to the news source to read the full story.

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2nd August 2005

Forrester Reports on RSS Marketing

Back in June Forrester Research asked for examples of sites using RSS

The respondents offer a vairety of uses for RSS and the Forrester report on RSS is now out.

According to the report 57% of marketers said that they were interested in using Really Simple Syndication (RSS) as a marketing channel. Why the interest when just 2% of North American online adults use RSS?

The combination of reduced email marketing effectiveness and growing consumer advertising backlash drives marketers to test RSS — from creating their own feeds to putting ads into RSS feeds themselves. This report introduces who uses RSS in North America and the implications of RSS adoption. The second report in the series looks at best practices for marketers using RSS.

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2nd August 2005

MSN Shopping Portal Offers RSS Updates

MSN has definitely seen the light of RSS.

Their re-launched shopping portal is now a comparison-shopping engine boasting a six-fold increase in the number of items available and a hundred times more merchants from which to choose, reports Internet News.

New features include RSS feeds from any product search results page, with users receiving updates whenever new items are offered or prices change.

Recent research figures show that more than two thirds of all purchases are comparison shopped online before the sale is made.

Good thinking on MSN’s part. And one more good reason why you should offer RSS feeds with product updates on your corporate website.

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