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8th June 2005

New York Times Feeds Grow in popularity

The online version of the NY Times has watched the popularity of its RSS feeds grow from a half-million page views to 7 million since late 2003. ZDNet
Martin Nisenholtz, senior vice president of digital operations at The New York Times Co., shared these figures in his keynote at the Syndicate Conference last month.

“It’s (RSS) the fastest growing distribution channel we have, ” said Nisenholtz.

How is RSS doing in the business world? Is it creeping into enterprise marketing plans? the answer is a resounding Yes.

The potential of RSS feeds for internal communications and reaching customers is beginning to get the attention of both IT and marketing managers. Even small businesses can see the value of having an RSS feed on their site.

Panelists at the enterprise RSS session at Syndicate agreed that while businesses will adopt the technology they will have to understand all the types of content and data that could be shared through feeds.

Good point! RSS is all about the content. Putting a feed on your site and not putting good content in it won;t do a thing for your visibility or your traffic.

It’s a great delivery vehicle – but it is just that – a delivery vehicle for content.

Successful use of RSS feeds – both internally and externally – depends on a content strategy and the resources to write that content.

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