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23rd October 2008

Think Beyond Your Immediate Subscribers



The guys at Mashable hit the nail on the head once again – take a look at their post about Forrester’s recent report on RSS usage.  The real takeaway is reaching beyond your subscribers, says Mashable:

Content producers who push out their work via RSS need to think beyond marketing directly to the user. It’s more important to market to the devices and the networks now.

There are so many websites and networks that use content in an RSS feed. It is important to make your feed available and useful to individuals, but it’s time to start thinking in terms of how your content can be reused and resyndicated.

What exactly does this mean:

  • Some influential bloggers have had their feeds picked up and used by mainstream newspapers
  • With the right content and frequency, it is possible to have your feed indexed by Google News
  • Make your content readable and accessible on devices like the new smart phones

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29th September 2008

Content Syndication Works Well for Travel Sites



There have been some new reports out about the behavior of people who purchase travel online.

Prophis eResearch shows that travel 2.0 has become firmly entrenched in the travel industry. An estimated 19 million Americans have visited one of the top ten travel 2.0 traveler community based sites such as TripAdvisor in the past 12 months, bearing out the research from eMarketer that rates word of mouth – consumer reviews and opinions – as the most trusted form of advertising online.


Creating great content about your destination and syndicating it in RSS Feeds, with rich media – images and video – can increase your online visibility. 

A 2008 study on online consumer behavior in the travel sector by Google UK and ComScore fi\und that consumers are using search engines in more sophisticated ways to research and purchase travel. The Internet is rapidly becoming the number one resource for the travel consumer. Many travel businesses could be missing out on the opportunity for additional bookings and branding opportunities by overlooking the value of advertising against generic search terms (e.g. ‘package holiday’, ‘Italy travel’)  And with search engines now using blended search to display results, if you have digital assets such as images and video syndicated in feeds you could get seen more often when people search for travel ideas.


Add interesting content on a regular basis. Include reviews and experiences from people who have been to your hotel or venue.  RSS and content syndication is a great Web 2.0 marketing tool for travel sites.






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4th July 2008

BtoB Marketers Should Be Syndicating Their Content

In the analysis seciton of the recent BtoB marketers survey about measuring and monitoring online reputation and brand building, Paul Dunay of Buzz Marketing for Technology made this comment:

“B2B marketers should consider how to syndicate their content,and widgets could be a very good way of doing that. A recent Forrester article noted that 80% of Web traffic comes through the homepage and 20% comes in to very specific pages. Forrester now is recommending that you plan for 20% of traffic to come from your homepage and 80% to come from very specific pages in your site. That means start syndicating your content!”

RSS is what you need.- One of the quickest and easiest ways to syndicate and socialize your content (make it easy to share) is to use a tool like PRESSfeed. You can be up and running in less than a week.

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4th June 2008

When You Need To Get Content Online Fast

One of the advantages of the social web is that people share content that they find online.  But they wast fresh content.  No-one is interested in tagging or sharing a story that’s weeks old.

FLOR recently launched a new Inspiration Gallery for Martha Stewart Floor Designs.  To get the word out to design bloggers a sneak peek blogger info page went up on their news feed on Friday.

The IT department was up to their eyeballs preparing for this launch and having a way for the PR folk to quickly and easily add and share content was a bonus.  

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19th January 2008

RSS Reaching Some Journalists More Than Email

Rebecca Lieb, vice President and Chief Editor of the ClickZ Network graciously agreed to chat with me about the future of search and public relations for a paper I am researching.

During the interview she commented that she pays more attention to her RSS Feed than to her email.  In fact, she even has the email account for story pitches forwarded to her RSS reader.  And she says many of the journalists she knows do the same.

She was recently involved with an evaluation study of small niche news sites in specific industries and was surprised to see that every site she looked at was using RSS feeds.  Not just big mainstream media sites, not just tech sites – sites that cater for thoroughbred racehorses or engineering news.

If you want to get your news content read and seen by your target audience - and journalists in your field – make sure you’re adding regular news content to your site and syndicating in an RSS feed. 

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14th November 2007

RSS is feeding powerful online conversations

social media and rss feedsThe session on RSS feeds at the Executing Social Media conference at the Coca Cola headquarters in Atlanta today covered both using RSS to find out what others are saying about you and syndicating your content with RSS feeds.

Ashley Roach of Newsgator spoke first and gave an overview of RSS and how to  us it to find content you want to follow. 

I gave the audience the reasons you want to particpate in these powerful online conversations – recommmendations from other consumers are the most trusted form of advertisng and the number one influencer prior to purchase.

The Skin MD case study is a great example of how to use RSS to spread the word online.  From nowhere in the search engines to page one for their keywords, lots of inbound links,  lots of bloggers talking about their product and linking to them, constantly increasing traffic to the site and 3500 pharmacies (250 CVS stores) now carrying the product. 

Creating a social media news section on your site could do the same for your business.

Attendees received a complimentary copy of the Proactive Report about Online Reputation Management.

If you’d like to read this report request a copy.

Listen to the latest Proactive podcasts that go with this month’s report.

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29th October 2007

Is RSS Reader Count a Better Measure Than Page Rank?

Matt Cutts of Google has confirmed that the company does indeed penalize web sites that engage in the buying and selling of text links. Adam Ostow over at Mashable asks “Has Page Rank lost its meaning?”

In another post at the WebProWorld forum I saw this comment:

“Maybe the RSS Subscriber/Reader Count is a better gauge of a website/blog’s importance. After all if people are subscribing to the feed then that means that site is putting out content that readers want to be kept current on. Wouldn’t the subscriber count be better to use than PR? I looked up 11 top blogs dealing with SEO/SEM and the total subscriber base was 141,191. I think I would rather purchase a text link on each of those eleven blogs to my site (same industry) and know that my link is in front of 141K readers each day than rely on a search engine that only puts my site in front of a couple hundred a day.”

 Since purchasing a link is verboten by Google it would be more along the lines of making relationships with those bloggers and getting a real content editorial link that Google prizes so highly. 

But it’s certainly food for thought. 

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25th October 2007

RSS has highest value of web 2.0 tools says Forrester

Forrester surveyed 275 IT pros on their firms’ Web 2.0 implementations and found that Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, was the highest value technology, with nearly one in four reporting “substantial value.”

RSS was most frequently used for corporate communications or content aggregation, while one in three respondents said it was used for external marketing. 

Podcasting came in right behind RSS, with 21% reporting substantial business value.

By contrast, only 11% said blogging delivers substantial business value.

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7th July 2007

RSS and social media adopted by 60 percent of Europeans online

60 percent of European online consumers are taking part in Social Computing activities such as reading or writing blogs, listening to podcasts, setting up RSS feeds, reading and writing online customer reviews, or taking part in social networking sites, according to a new report by Forrester Research, Inc.  However all European countries are not equal – the survey polled over 7000 users across Europe and Scandinavia and found that each country has a unique social media profile.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Reading peer reviews is the No. 1 Social Computing activity, with nearly one-third of European online consumers taking part in that activity.
  • Consumers in the UK and Sweden are embracing social networking sites, while users in Germany and France are far less impressed. More than one-third of UK consumers take part in social networking sites, double the European average.
  • Nine percent of all Europeans maintain blogs or publish Web pages. The Dutch are the most prolific, with 15 percent of users in the Netherlands taking part in this activity.
  • The Spanish actively comment on Web sites, while Germans are, by and large, reluctant to offer their opinions online.

Isn’t that interesting? 

Word of mouth from other consumers is the #1 influencer online

Who knew the Brits were the most likely to network and interact?

The Dutch are the most outspoken and give their opinions freely in blogs

Germans are reluctant to speak up and say what they think.

But they are all using RSS Feeds to read content.  If you want your content to be a part of the growing online social media sharing and networking phenomenon, you have to syndicate your content in RSS feeds. 

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4th July 2007

Have An Independent Day

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