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Take a look at all the social media features in the social media newsroom. Find out how they can increase the functionality and usability of your traditional online newsroom: encourage dialogue and information sharing, make it easy for journalists to find and use your news and feed all company news into the social web.

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If you’re eager to see how the PRESSfeed social media newsroom works and would like see it in action, request a 20 minute online demo. We can show you how to add images and video, how to post a release in social media format and how to go from a traditional newsroom to a fully operational social newsroom right away.

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If you’re ready to aggregate and curate your news and social content in your company newsroom, syndicate it into the social web and track the results of your online PR efforts, we’re ready to assist you with the upgrade. Sign up now and we’ll have it ready to launch within two weeks.

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Social Media Newsroom

Social media newsroomPRESSfeed has been at the forefront of online newsroom development for five years now – we were the first to add RSS Feeds to news content and we were the first to develop the social media newsroom. We are deeply involved in the PR industry and we know the needs of PR and marketing professionals as well as the needs of the media, both traditional and social.

We constantly research the changing needs of journalists and bloggers and how people consume news in the social media space. We listen to our customers and constantly research changes in news consumption. We integrate these insights and behaviors into our newsroom.

In today’s fast paced news cycle, with so much news being shared on social media sites, it's vital to have your news and content in Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. But it is just as important to keep your newsroom relevant and plugged into this new social world.

Content Hub

According to this Washington Post article the lack of a social content hub on your corporate site is one of the 10 mistakes organizations make in social media marketing. Your online newsroom is the perfect place to do this. Developing a social media newsroom can be time consuming and costly, but since we've done all the research and development we can have your social media newsroom up and running in a matter of days.

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